257,190 tCO2


We have reduced a lot of carbon dioxide by distributing Solar Home System.          

150W Solar Home System, one of our main product, can reduce 11.6tCO2 per a year which is same figure as the amount that one 40 years old tree absorb CO2 per a year.


And this is necessary to prevent and respond climate change.


Installment Payment for 1 year

Sale                    Payment            Installation           Warranty    

Regular Check up


As a social enterprise, we seek to improve negative situations and solve the related problems in market system. So we are selling our product, not donating. However, in order to lower the entry barriers due to high price, we set installment payment system for 1 year. And customers have free installation.


We warranty service for 1 year since Solar Home System is installed. Also, we provide regular check up service for sustainable and appropriate using. The service consist of calling and visiting of 2 times respectively for 1 year.

Our Impacts


sets of Solar Home System have produced by Goos Solar Innovation since 2013. This result has helped to achieve next impacts.


tCO2 emission has prevented.

Our main product, 150W SHS, can reduce 11.6tCO2 per year.

This figure is same as the amount that one 40 years old tree absorb CO2 per year.


kWh have produced by Solar Home System since 2013.

It means that our customer could use the amount of power above through Solar Home System.


USD have saved for households.

This figure represents an increase in disposable income for our customers.

(This figure was calculated from the amount of electricity produced by the solar home system)

- 2017 May

Our Values


Create opportunities to be better 

through Solar Energy based on 

“Sharing Light Sharing Life”


People can study and read books at night

time that is brightened by solar products


Solar Energy, one of appropriate 

technology, reduces harmful chemicals 

which destroy environment


Lights make place safe at night for doing

housework and walking.

Saving Time

People can save time which is saved

from going to battery charging station

House Prosperity

Make opportunities for people to operate 

their own business and do work at home 

at night to increase disposable income. 

Climate Change Response in Cambodia

Awareness raising activities are spreading 

knowledge of climate change and 

renewable energy

Sustainable Development Goals

Approach for 7th Goal “Renewable Energy”

and 13th Goal “Climate Action”

Our Model

We pursue a market-based approach. Our purpose is to make people to participate in the market system because we don’t want people just to be left beneficiaries but customers to have a responsibility of their products and other opportunities in the market. And this is also not to disturb the current market of rural site of Cambodia.

For this, we lower the entry barriers for solar products which are very high for the villagers because of the high price through install payment. And also, we train some villagers to install Solar Home System and work with us and they get incentives.

Our Future

It has been discussed for many years in Cambodia that how to improve the problem of low accessibility to electricity for the Cambodian people living in rural area. As a result of the numerous discussion, the government of Cambodia set a plan to ensure that 70% of Cambodian households are connected to the national electricity grid by 2030.However, even if the government's plan is 100% implemented, there will be remaining 30% of whole population who can not connected to the grid. 

We will fill that space. And for this, we will go into deeper countryside and innovate services and products to make them sustainable and affordable for the villagers.

If you are interested in the environment we want to improve, please contact us and support our work.

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